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Valley Workshop build energy efficient prefab houses.

We're an award winning Tasmanian team of architects and builders. Our bespoke timber houses are designed and prefabricated in our northern Tasmanian workshop and delivered to site. In 2023 we will be expanding into the southern Australian states of Victoria and NSW.


Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable, Energy Efficient with Passive Design Principles

We've sourced sustainable materials from local suppliers which go into the production of our award winning eSIPs (environmental Structural Insulated Panels). They're hyper insulated and have multiple vapour control layers to mitigate condensation issues that are prevalent in colder Australian climates. The result is a smart, high performance building that is also a pleasure to be in.

Want an Energy Efficient Home?

Design. Prefab. Build.

As an architect-led practice, we collaborate with you in the design process, bringing your ideas to life. After finalising the design, the building is prefabricated in our workshop. Your home is flat-packed, ready for delivery onto site where it is built with the same care and attention we’ve applied all the way from the start.