The Origin.

Warren French Architect

The architectural origins of Warren French Architect date back to 1996 when Warren first became an accredited architect. In his search for perfect craftmanship, Warren, also an accredited builder has been delivering high quality architect designed pre-fabricated timber homes since the mid 90’s.

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In 2009 the principal architect,

Warren French was awarded a study trip to Europe and visited Baufritz ( in Germany. He saw the need for Australians to be building as the Germans have been doing since the 1960’s, using pre-fabrication and Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) due to the improved sustainability and reduced environmental impacts of the SIP product and manufacturing, faster construction times, greater efficiency and less waste, improved quality control, greater OH and S for workers. To get to this point has been almost 10 years in the making. 10 years of perseverance and dedication to improving how we build and design our houses in Australia.

Our Work
Valley Workshop - Avant-Grade Prefabricated Architecture
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In Australia in 2018.

Universities and politicians are now realizing the benefits of building houses with SIPs the way 12-15% of Japanese homes and 50-90% of Swedish homes are built. It is anticipated that whilst prefabricated panelized construction has just a 3% share of the construction market, this is set to grow to become more in line with European trends of a share growth up to 10% of the Australian building industry and to $15bn. (prefabAUSYNewsletterYJuneY 2015 p.2)

'There is a real purpose for what we are doing and why’ Warren French July 2018

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