Lindisfarne Build

Design Brief

A quirky build, Lindisfarne boasts exposed timber structural elements and a well designed home on a sloping site. The kitchen, living and outdoor spaces face south to capture the expansive views of the Eastern shore and the River Derwent with the western shore in the background. Working with the site, an outdoor space steps down the slope providing a strong connection between the garden and the living space. With an angled window seat and clerestory windows the bedrooms let in an abundance of natural light whilst having their own zen views out to the landscape and bush scrub of the site.

  • 1

    Floor Panel Delivery

    Complete with condensation control membranes, the prefabricated floor panels are delivered on site.

  • 2

    Wall Module Delivery

    Hyper insulated wall panels are craned into place and laid out on the floor panels and fixed together.

  • 3

    Roof Panel Delivery

    To complete the panel delivery stage, the roof panels are lifted into place completing the built envelope of the home.

  • 4

    4 Internal Finishes

    The bedrooms feature light teal painted plasterboard which provides a calming colour that compliments the views out to the green landscape.

  • 5

    5 Internal Finishes

    White painted plaster walls are paired with tas oak timber flooring, finished with a low allergen and a low VOC oil finish.

  • 6


    The bathroom is washed with natural light that seeps in through the diaphanous windows, providing a peaceful bathing space.

  • 7

    6 Completion

    The ornate timber elements aim to express the detailed construction skills of the build team to provide an eye catching home. Vertical timber elements paired with cement sheet panels provide a material rhythm helping to integrte the range of different shapes in the home together.

  • 8

    Energy Effeciency

    With an airtight building envelope achieved through the hyper insulated prefabricated panels, the Lindisfarne build is highly energy efficient. With this large home maintaining comfortable temperatures year round, the clients were very satisfied with their well designed home and a lower heating bill!