Deloraine Build

Design Brief

Sitting proudly on the hill in the northern Tasmanian town of Deloraine, the site is in the amphitheatre of the western Tiers and Quamby Bluff. The owners in their late 70’s wanted a home that would be energy efficient, small but elegant and had a quintessential Australian country feel. Architect Warren French took great care to capture the seasonal sun pathways and also frame the mountains. Together with the clients the concept evolved, taking budget into consideration at each stage of the design process.

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    Floor Panel Delivery

    On Monday 27th May the first phase of the house delivery commenced, the hyper-insulated floor panels. We started the day at footings and a few hours later, the subfloor was in place.

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    Wall Module Delivery

    On Wednesday 29th May the hyper insulated wall modules with condensation control membranes were placed onsite.

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    Roof Panel Delivery

    On Wednesday 29th May the hyper insulated wall modules with condensation control membranes were placed onsite. The roof panels are 206mm and are thick with insulation. At prefabrication great care is taken to ensure there are no air gaps and insulation is touching all surfaces prior to skinning.

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    Internal Finishes

    The owners chose 12mm hardwood plywood linings for their internal wall linings. It shares the story of the materials used in the prefabrication. The internal members inside the panels are 12mm ply, the skin of the panels are 12mm Tasmanian hardwood plywood. The linings are the same product. This build utilises approximately 400 sheets on Tasmanian hardwood plywood. The plywood used in the building is sourced from a Smithton mill. The mill is harvesting plantation trees in it’s manufacturing of plywood. Through the supply chain we are supporting sustainably managed forestry practices in Tasmania. We’re buying local, supporting locals and building for locals.

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    5 Internal Finishes

    Internal linings are coated with an Osmos white oil a low allegern and low VOC product. The flooring is 90x12mm tas oak flooring with an Osmos oilded finish.
    Windows are triple glazed from Germany. We worked closely with the Tasmanian company representative and were very excited to be installing these windows for the first time in the Deloraine build. The performance of the windows have the same R value as a conventionally built stud frame wall.

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    The bathroom is finished with textured grey tiles that compliment the black vanity.

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    6 Completion

    Outside cladding is Stramit’s Monoclad in zincalume. The bush fire attack level for this project was 19. Every consideration is made so that we are complying with AS3959 buiding regulations. The spotted gum cladding is also BAL 19 compliant and provides a delicate offset to the very Australian tin.

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    Energy Effeciency

    After their first winter in the home, the owners found they were paying a third less in their energy bill. We were elated with this news. Whilst we can predict, research and model, the real evidence is what the home is costing to run in comparison to their existing home, the life cycle costs savings. That is very important and makes all our research and development worthwhile.