From shack to holiday house

Original shack - Original one bedroom shack with 2 bedroom sleepout with breezeway.

Lots of character, magnificent front veranda for admiring the Hazards mountains and passing sea eagles.

The large gum tree overhanging the house providing easy roof access for the local possums.

  • 1

    Original Shack - Rear

    Original two rooms sleepout backing onto the patio. Breezeway between the two buildings providing shelter for a fridge and hanging area for coats.

  • 2

    Original Shack - Interior Kitchen

    Cosy interior, originally with open fireplace which we replaced with large inbuilt wood heater prior to renovation.

  • 3

    Original Shack - Interior Living

    The original character showing through again especially during winter when the breeze found its way through the breeze found its way through the cracks in the doors and you could see the stars in the doors and you could see the stars in the night sky from the gaps between walls and ceiling.

  • 4

    Original Shack

    Functional use of space combining kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry.

  • 5

    Renovation begins

    Renovation begins

  • 6

    Renovation begins - Front and New Windows

    Front of the buildings showing framing for bedroom 1 bay window.

  • 7

    Renovation begins - Rear 1

    Rear of building showing a large central beam supporting the atrium.

  • 8

    Renovation begins - Rear 2

    Rear of building and the widening of the original sleepout bedrooms to form bedroom 2.

  • 9

    Complete Living Areas

    Clean lines

    Muted lighting

    Large living area

    Retention of the wood heating

    Large kitchen area

    Island bench with seating

    Discrete laundry facilities

  • 10

    Complete Bedroom 1

    Queen size bed

    Large bay window framing the Hazard Mountains

    Morning and afternoon sun

    Magnificient sunsets

    Ensuite bathroom with floor heating

    Driftwood At Freycinet Renovation Complete Bedroom Area

  • 11

    Complete Bedroom 2

    Queen size bed

    Opens onto rear patio

    All day sun

    Stargazing from bed

    Private entrance to the main bathroom

  • 12

    Complete Bathrooms

    Identical functionality in both bathrooms

    Double bowl vanities

    Lots of storage

    Hand and rain showers with independent controls

    Floor heating