Murdunna Build

Design Brief

Murdunna’s clients were seeking a small 2 bedroom home for holiday getaways.

With a holiday home in mind, the notion of a collection of temporary camping structures with a contemporary twist was conceived. Two curved corrugated iron forms cradle a deceptively curved skillion roof to symbolise a camping tarpaulin draped over supports. Much like a camping setup, the larger curved corrugated forms block out the worst of the weather with the draped skillion facing north so that the indoor and outdoor dining spaces can soak in the sun.

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    Floor Panel Delivery

    The first phase of of the prefabrication stage is delivering the floor panels to site and slotting them together.

  • 2

    Wall Module Delivery

    With many different shaped wall panels, this build was a rewarding challenge for designers and builders utilising our hyper insulated modules with condensation control membranes.

  • 3

    Roof Panel Delivery

    To achieve the curved roof shapes, prefabricated panels are constructed with CNC cut curved ply grillage frame. 3 layers of 4mm ply is then glued to the curved frame where the panel skin will maintain its desired curve.

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    Internal Finishes

    A combination of Tasmanian timbers including celery top pine and Tasmanian oak cabinetry provides warm functioning spaces for daily activities to take place such as cooking, dining and washing.

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    Internal Finishes

    White painted plaster gives the home a light spacious feel, making it feel as if its opening up to the surrounding green landscape.

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    The bathroom echoes the timber cabinetry used throughout the build, providing contrast with the uniquely coloured stone basin.

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    6 Completion

    The completed Murdunna build sits proudly in the landscape with richly coloured spotted gum timber and monument painted weatherboards contrasted with the natural green landscape. The curved galvanised corrugated iron frames the timber cladding of the building providing material contrast.

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    Energy Efficiency

    Only a small home of 110m², Murdunna’s energy efficiency performance is exceptional with a small heat pump. Featuring cross ventilation, the home stays perfectly cool in the summer months with the north facing public spaces capturing the winter sun during the colder months.