Design Brief

West Hobart Build

Situated in West Hobart, on a steep site overlooking Hobart, the West Hobart Build provides a home for a couple to raise their family. Addressing the slope, the carport, laundry and utility room are located on the lower floor with a connection to the ground plane for practical activities. With the bedrooms, kitchen, living, dining on the second floor, stunning views are captured. Window seats in the bedrooms frame views of Mt Wellington and provide peaceful spots for reading or enjoying a cup of tea. A north facing deck connects the kitchen and dining space to the garden where the children can play. A collection of skillion roofs over the living and dinning spaces allows natural light into the rooms through clerestory windows.

  • 1

    Phase 1 - Floor Panel Delivery

    Floors panels are craned onto steel columns, with some spanning over steel beams to allow for the carport below.

  • 2

    Wall Module Delivery

    Wall panels are carefully prefabricated to ensure that insulation is correctly installed and that correct roof angles are made.

  • 3

    Roof Panel Delivery

    Hyper insulated roof panels are placed onto the wall panels with a crane, ensuring that they sit correctly over the angled walls of the West Hobart build.

  • 4

    4 Internal Finishes

    The kitchen was crafted by a local joiner using plywood with a timber bench top. A contrasting tin splash back adds funk to the room. We have again used the Tas oak flooring to provide a clean and sustainable floor finish.

  • 5

    5 Internal Finishes

    Internal Finishes

  • 6


    Bathroom vanities are hand crafted by a local joiner to match the kitchen. Owners choice of tiles make for a clean and sharp finish in the wet areas.

  • 7

    6 Completion

    Window seats pop out of the buildings form, further highlighted by their spotted gum cladding contrasting with the black cement sheet used on the West Hobart Build.

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    Energy Efficiency

    The house is performing very well with an average winter temperature inside of 16 degrees. This is being achieved without heating. North facing doors and celestory windows allow the sunlight to stretch deep into the building when the sun is low in the sky and soak up the natural warmth and light. In summer when the sun is hotter and overhead we have deep eaves to protect the building and keep the occupants inside cool. Cross ventilation allows the building to cool in summer.